3 wheel trolley for stairs

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A load-carrying trolley 1 for travelling up and down stairs 3 having three wheels 8 on each side of the trolley, the wheels mounted on plates 9 in a triangular formation, and having a means to apply a braking force or a turning force to the wheels on actuation of a movable handle 6. The brakes comprise brake pads acting on a brake disc on the wheel axle 10, attached to the moving handle via. This upright 3 wheel stair climbing trolley is perfect for moving objects/ boxes up and down stairs and over bumps and obstacles. Heavy duty made with ergonomic handles making working with this trolley easy. Features. 200kg Capacity. Angled handle with grips. Toe Plate: 480mm x 300mm deep. Heavy Duty Hand Truck ideal for stair climbing.
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